Dog Dreaming (blue) 

Woodcut, with stencil, pen, some hand colouring on Stonehenge paper

From time to time, over many years ‘Kuri’ is seen in my work, sometimes as a small detail, other times Kuri is the focus.,This faithful being has walked with us through many journeys throughout history, He’s in many of our stories both from the mists of time and current ones from the present. He’s guardian, protector, companion and mate..

Inspired by ‘Toby’ an elegant large black Labrador-cross at Rawene. Who would monitor the cars crossing over in the ferry, checking to see they were all tika. As he’d watch and sometimes chase the seagulls and other birds as the boat pulled out, I imagined what he might be dreaming of. In this image, it’s ‘If I could fly higher than an eagle